Vulnerable People And Students - lockmith in Cardiff

24hr Locksmith In Cardiff who deal with vulnerable adults and Students Locked out


Vulnerable Adults who need a locksmith 

Elderly people, Medically ill or Mental health a Cardiff Locksmith who is willing to help with fantastic timing for emergency locksmithing and general locksmith jobs. We understand in these circumstances the situation can be very difficult for you selves as you have a desperate need to get your job sorted as soon as possible. If when you call James Locksmith Cardiff please tell us a basic reason why you should be priority as we may have jobs in front of yours which we will reschedule due to vulnerability if we are to believe yours requires desperate attention. One instance was when we were busy and Miss Davies from Canton had locked herself out. As she explained she was diabetic and had started to shake due to not taking her Inciline which was inside. We instantly told the gentleman on the job which we were undergoing that we had to leave but will be back shortly then made our way straight there and unlocked her door. As we are a Cardiff local locksmith firm we arrived in good time taking stress off Miss Davies were we opened her door in under 2 minuites.


Students A Locksmith 4 U

Students often get locked out and need a locksmith in Cardiff this is very common to us that they or you as a student require our help. Students are normally young and get very upset in these instances you won't be the first and we can guarantee you will not be the last.  Don't panic we can get you back in your student accommodation its our job. As mostly students live in shared houses with medium quality locks installed this is quite a simple job to us to unlock well 9 times our of 10.  We unlock these type of locks at cheap competitive prices as they require little time and we like to help students out in these stressful circumstances. We are one of the best locksmiths in Cardiff who deal with all types of emergency locksmith work.


Areas We Cover 

Barry, Canton, Cathays, City Center, Ely, Fairwater, Gabalfa, Heath, Lisvane, Llanedyn, Llanishen, Llanrumney, Penarth, Pentwyn, Radyr, Riverside, Roath, Rumney, Rwibina, Splott, St Mellons, Tremorfa, WitchurchNewport and all surrounding areas covered by your locksmith cardiff



Emergency Locksmith 24 hour

If you ever are in need of a 24 hour emergency locksmith we can been called up anywere in Cardiff or at any time for all emergency works.





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