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What Safes Can We Open

James Cardiff Locksmith offers a Safe Opening Service In from our Safe Engineer and around Cardiff. We can also offer this service all around the country but will only open Safes in an Emergency in and around the Cardiff Area.  We value ourselves of being highly skilled with our knowledge and understanding locking systems, Which ever they may be. 


There are 3 types of safes. Which are all commonly used throughout the whole World which James Cardiff Locksmith has got a lot of knowledge and experience of opening.


1. Mechanical key Safes

Mechanical Key Locks are by far the most efficient, cost effective locks fitted on todays Safes. These Locks have been around the longest and are still one of the most common locks in working order. They work by you have a manual key which is put in the lock and in turn lifts the leavers and pulls back the bolt. Mechanical safes work by the higher the Cash Rating of the Safe the more leavers the Safe will have which will make the opening of the Safe without a key pretty difficult and impossible to somebody who has no training or understanding of the locking mechanism on the Safe. James your Locksmith Cardiff has had fully qualified training on safes and are renowned of having a highly skill set to open Key Operated Safes. 


2. Combination Dial Safes

Combination Safes are were you have to dial in a combination of numbers from clockwise to anticlockwise in either 4 or 5 number rotations dependent on the security of your safes lock. Here at James Cardiff Locksmith we are able to Open Combination Safe Locks. This usually takes our locksmiths between 2 and 3 hours to open as they are quite a difficult safe lock to be manipulated. Combination Safes have been used for hundreds of years and the theory behind it is very impressive. These locks are normally of very high security and still located in many businesses, Banks and even post offices due to criminals being unable to open. 



3. Keypad Digital Safes  

Keypad Digital safes are safes which have a dial which you physical push buttons into the keypad. It can really vary between how many numbers you wish to push into the keypad. The More numbers someone choses the better security is due to its harder for someone to watch and memorise the numbers you used and less chance of someone ever trying to guess the password for the safe. Keypads Safes usual have a series of 9 numbers being used it any sequince of up to how many times someone wishes to use them. The numbers are usually offered between 1 to 9. We recommend to everyone who has just purchased one of these safes not too use any thing easy to guess such as Date Of Births. do not use this as it is easy achievable to be guessed by most criminals as criminals will ofter do there homework before trying to crack open a safe.