James Cardiff Locksmith - Payments

Payments, Terms and Conditions of James your Locksmith Cardiff

We keep up to date on all the terms and conditions for payments which includes a vast amount of facts. One which we never do is keep or store card details which are paid over the phone. James Cardiff Locksmith is a highly reputable locksmith company which we highly value that cridential. 


Payments Taken From Your Locksmith In Cardiff

James your Cardiff Locksmith can take all payment instantly from your self as our customer. Weather you are a business or private payments from 24 hour  locksmith in cardiff card machinecustomer of ours, our payment scheme remains the same which our terms and conditions require you to pay our bill instantly. 90% of times we will discuss with your selves the price of the job before we undertake any work. This is so that you can either Accept or Reject our quotation before any work has commenced. Where it is impossible for us to give you an exact price for locksmith cardiff job. We will give you a low and high estimation quotation for the work needed to be done then ask you to either accept or reject the locksmith quote. We can ask you to sign a disclaimer to say state then you agree to the price for the locksmith work before any work is carried out this is so that if there are any problems  after completion of job you have stated you have agreed to locksmith price for the job to be undertaken.


 We require immediate payment in full from Cash or Card payment on the following Services


How Payments Are Taken From James Cardiff Locksmith 

One payment which we do not accept is Cheques. We believe Cheques are a thing of the past, We have had cheques in the past bounce and it can be too much hassle trying to chase them up. James your locksmith in Cardiff no longer accepts cheques as a payment.

James Cardiff Locksmith accepts Cash and all electronic payments such as:-

  • Bank Transfere
  • Pay pal
  • All major Card payments - on site Card Machine
  • Bac's
  • Over the phone Card Payments




style="line-height: 1.42857143; text-decoration: underline;">Invoiced Payments  from the Locksmith in Cardiff 


As your major cheap locksmith Cardiff we rarely accept payment which are invoiced and prefer to have some sort of instant payment. As some companies like to pay from being invoiced and there accounts can only work in this way we are understanding. In these circumstances were you wish to pay from being invoiced you will need to let us know before any work has commenced. If this is not stated before work has started then you could be finding the invoice with additional charges for having late payments. Each invoice with hold a specific job reference number on it, This number will need to be stated on the bank transfer reference number as this is your id for that payment, if it is stated you could find your self being invoiced with additional charges being added due to late payments even though you have made the payment. As an Emergency locksmith service in Cardiff please understand that this is our way to see which payments have and haven't been made.


Who we allow to give invoiced payments to :


  • Landlords 
  • Emergency Service's
  • Warrant Officers 
  • Bailiff Companies
  • Large Building Firms

It is at our discrimination weather we wish to give you an invoice account and may not. We do not give invoiced accounts to general public for Emergency Locksmith Access work.

Invoiced Accounts have 31 Days to pay the fee From date of work commencing, Failure to Pay will Account to extra charges being added to the locksmith bill. 



How we add charges to the bill.

8% of each week were private customer hadn't paid due to not having funds on the day 

10% of each month were Invoiced customer hadn't paid.

If after 2 months locksmith bill is not paid in full with additional charges we will put it forward to one of our debt collection agencies were if need be they will take it to small claims court.