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Emergency Cathays LocksmithEmergency Locksmith

James Cardiff Locksmith is a professional Locksmith Company in Cardiff. We offer all of our services to the Cathays area of Cardiff. Cathays usually comes under the CF24 postal code but sometimes others dependent on an area within Cathays. As being a professional locksmith company one skill which we always are improving is our opening techniques which is why if you ever you feel you need an emergency locksmith please don't hesitate to call us on 07967725135. As we are solely independent locksmiths we keep our emergency skills up to date as we always like to get you back in your home, or whatever you feel like you need our emergency locksmith skills for in the quickest time possible. To make you carry on with the rest of your day evening with the least amount of stress possible. 

Locked Out Cathays

If you have just been locked out which can be so easily done call us for a free no-obligation quote.  We can usually do this over the phone from just asking a series of questions to give you an accurate quote. We might ask you questions which you might not understand but which would make total sense to our locksmiths.  


Questions The Locksmith May Ask Over The Phone

The questions the locksmith may ask, Will be something like:- 

  • Is the Door Pvc or Wood?
  • Did you lose the key or leave it inside?
  • If the Door is wood is the lock on the right-hand side of the Left as you look at it from outside. 
  • When you shut the door behind you was the key left in the backside of the lock?
  • Has the door been physical locked or just shut?

From us and the locksmith asking questions, they can gage more information. 

I.E. From asking "If the Door is wood is the lock on the right-hand side of the Left as you look at it from outside."  Mortice locks are more of the difficult locks a locksmith has to open in an emergency. When we ask if the lock is on the right-hand side of the door or the left we work out if its the bolt side or leaver side of the lock facing outside. This is which side of the lock we have to open and work with. Even though all of our emergency locksmiths are specially trained to open all types of locks there can be a little element of a struggle some times for us to open mortice locks. if the lock is on the right-hand side of the door that means the bolt side is what we have to open which is far harder than if the lock was on the left side of the door which would be the leaver side. For James, your locksmith in Cardiff would charge more to open a mortice bolt side lock than if a mortice lock was fitted to the left side of the door. 

When you call please answer all our questions to the best of your knowledge this is to give you the most accurate price.

Auto Locksmith CathaysKeys Locked In Boot

Professional locksmith service and a warm welcome are always given by us.

  • Locked Keys In Car - Not A Problem 
  • Car Keys Locked In Boot - 99% Success Rate
  • Lost Car / Van Keys -  Most Make And Models Done Same Day
  • Keys Stuck in Lock of Car -  It is Not Unusual For Retrieval With No Damage. 
  • Car Keys Stolen -  We Can Also Change House Door Locks In An Emergency. 

James Cardiff Locksmith can provide new keys for the majority of the vehicles on the road today normally same day. If you have any Auto Locksmith enquiry please call us to discuss your problem. We can normally offer a range of different solutions for all kinds of auto locksmith problems. If you find you have lost the keys to your car and the dealership are offering to get you a new key which takes a few days to sometimes a few weeks we can normally offer this on the same day or next day dependent on the Vehicles make, model and year.


Lock Change - Cardiff 

Specialist locksmith in Cardiff that can change locks in an instance. James Cardiff Locksmith works around the clock 24 hours a day 7 days a week to provide you with a large selection of locksmith services. One of which is providing Lock Changes. Lock Change Cardiff

You may need a lock change following some of the instances stated and some which don't, so feel free to call us on 07967725135.

  • Lost keys to the house
  • Keys Got stolen 
  • The lock is not working correctly 
  • Broken Keys 
  • Worried for any other security instance. 

Not only can you have our service to change one individual lock but we can change as many as you wish during the same instance from arrival. Our mobile workshop is more than not stocked up from a range of locks and usually, we can offer some security device to make you feel at ease during your stressful situation. 



Lock Fitting 

If you need extra or added security we can fit locks to a large range of doors and windows. Providing we have time slots available it is not uncommon for our locksmiths to fit new locks the same day. Lock Fitting will take longer than changing locks as it will need more carpentry and locksmith skills for installation of new locks. You can also call our locksmith company and ask for a time and day which is suited best for yourself. We understand that the majority of people work during the days within normal working hours. As to why we can arrange for our locksmiths to come fit you a new lock during the evening or weekend which can be more suitable for yourself than having to take time off work. 

Locks We Fit Can be:- 

  • Mortice Locks Usually BS British Standard
  • Yale Nightlatches 
  • Nightlatches which are Britsh Standard
  • Euro Locks 
  • Euro Locks Which result to British Standard
  • Rack Bolts 
  • Self Locking PVC Mechanism 
  • Smart Locks (Becoming More Popular)