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Locked Yourself Out

If you have shut the door behind you and accitetally left your keys in side you house, home or even in work we get to you as quick as we can. What makes us different to all other Trades is that we can actually pick the door lock for you makeing our skills so much in demand. Which we hardly ever have to replace the door lock and makes this quicker and far less expensive.


Door Stuck 

We can usually arrive at your destination in and around 30 minuites. We will then access every situation and the best possible way to get the door open and un jammed. We will recommend what to do after we have the door open. If for wish for our services to complete the job in hand and fix. Once the door is fixed and working appropiately we will then issue a guarantee on the work.


Jammed Door And Wont Open

Doors getting jammed and wont open can be caused through several explanations. We will do our very best to gauge the fault over the phone but more possibly than not we wont be able to tell you 100% the cause untill we are at the fercinity. We will then charge you a flat fee to open the door and then resolve any issues there could also be several underlining issues to why the door got jammed in the first place we always do our very best to resolve issues within 1 visit there is to save us time and keep your cost to a minimum.


Emergency Locksmiths Cardiff

James Locksmith Cardiff can arrange for us to be at most emergency locations within roughly 30 mins from the end of the arrangement to come out. In the majority of times our locksmiths who operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will have your emergency job completed within the hour of the phone call. On emergency jobs we ask all client to contact us on our phone number direct in stead of emailing. This is to make sure that we receive the information and act upon it straight away. 


About Locksmiths Cardiff

Locksmiths Cardiff are operated by James Cardiff Locksmith who are open for business 365 days of the year 24 hrs a day. We run from the Ely part of Cardiff which is on the outskirt of Canton, Fairwater and Wenvoe. Our Locksmiths Cardiff are polite, well mannered and always try there absolute best to give you the best service from us Locksmiths Cardiff. 

We can have our experienced locksmiths out with your selves within minutes of you phoning our emergency hotline number, 07967725135 which is based in Cardiff. We are not a call centre which pass you on to someone else. This is why you are given our direct phone number's. All our Locksmiths solely run and live within Cardiff this is why people like to use our services who has problems with there locking systems in Cardiff.  

We are the only Locksmith In Cardiff to offer Emergency Safe Opening which can mean your Safe Open Within the Hour. At any desirable time. As Safes can have a lot of valuable belongings in them this can be a real worrying dilemma  for people which needs it open in a moments notice. emergency Locksmith Cardiff fast response local approved locksmith


we also offer a lot more services such as:-

Emergency locksmith Cardiff Call outs 

Slam Locks Opening / Currently the only locksmith in Cardiff which can open these Non - Destructive

Auto Locksmith 

Car Key Programming 

Boarding up Around the Clock 24 hrs

Slam Lock and Deadlock Installation 

Safe Locksmith 


Key Cutting / Duplication - On site

We can cut and copy the majority of keys onsite which saves the general public time.