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Locked Yourself Out

If you have shut the door behind you and accidentally left your keys inside your house, home or even in work we get to you as quick as we can. What makes us different to all other Trades is that we can actually pick the door lock for you making our skills so much in demand. Which we hardly ever have to replace the door lock and makes this quicker and far less expensive.


Jammed Door And Won't Open

Doors getting jammed and won't open can be caused through several explanations. We will do our very best to gauge the fault over the phone but more possible than not we won't be able to tell you 100% the cause until we are at the fercinnity. We will then charge you a flat fee to open the door and then resolve any issues there could also be several underlining issues to why the door got jammed in the first place we always do our very best to resolve issues within 1 visit there is to save us time and keep your cost to a minimum.


Emergency Locksmiths in Cardiff

Locksmith Cardiff are operated by James Locksmith Cardiff who are open for business 365 days of the year 24 hrs a day. We run from the Ely part of

Approved locksmith cardiff

Cardiff which is on the outskirt of Canton, Fairwater and Wenvoe. Our Locksmith Cardiff are polite, well mannered and always try there absolute best to give you the best service from us Locksmiths Cardiff. 


We can have our experienced Emergency locksmiths out with your selves within minutes of you phoning our emergency hotline number, 07967725135 which is based in Cardiff. We are not a call centre which pass you on to someone else. This is why you are given our direct phone number's. All our Locksmiths solely run and live within Cardiff this is why people like to use our services who has problems with there locking systems in Cardiff.  

We are the only Locksmith In Cardiff to offer Emergency Safe Opening which can mean your Safe Open Within the Hour. At any desirable time. As Safes can have a lot of valuable belongings in them this can be a really worrying dilemma for people which needs it open in a moments notice. 


What might you need an Auto Locksmith for.

There are many others such as:-




      - We are able to come to your location to withdraw the key from the lock. Then if requested either make you a whole new key or just fix and repair your existing as this part enquires extra costs a lot of people tend to just go home and grab there spare key. We do offer a fix and repair service as one of our Auto locksmiths Services. 
      - This auto locksmiths service is one that we probably see the most. For some reason, cars cannot tell that the keys are inside the vehicle and when actuators brake the car cannot tell if the doors have actually been opened which tells the car to re-lock its self. This is because the Customer have not turned on the ignition to tell the automobile or car that there is someone inside. Were people have also opened the boot and not opened any doors this tells the vehicle that no one is inside so to re-lock its self as a security protocol. This is where people leave the keys in the boot and gets really frustrated but the car is only acting in there best interest to prevent the car being left open.  James Cardiff Locksmiths have regular calls to open all types of vehicles as a lot of people only have one key and in certain cases, people leave there spare key inside the vehicle. Our Auto Locksmiths service for opening Cars takes approximately  5-15 minutes to open most cars on the market today. 
      -  This problem 9 /10 has something to do with the transponder inside the key. Which either the Transponder is damaged or has fallen out of the key and the customer have not realised. James Cardiff Locksmith your recommended Auto Locksmiths in Cardiff can come to your desired location where the vehicle is and program a new transponder to your vehicle using our highly efficient programming software. Our software is able to program 80% of the vehicles on the road. Were transponders aren't damaged and the keys isn't lost the transponder this has an underlining problem with the cars electronics and would need to be dealt with and the main dealers for that car as our specialist Auto Locksmiths are not mechanics, unfortunately. A good way to tell this is if the customer has a second key to try to see if that second key works for the vehicle and if it does that the initial key has a fault rather than the car. If neither keys work then this is a good telltale sign to say there is a fault with the Car rather than the keys. 
      - James Locksmith Cardiff offers new key replacement on the majority of the cars today. Having to order a key from your dealership can be a time-consuming proses and eventually more costly due to having to get the car recovered then having time off work running back and for. Our dedicated Auto Locksmiths in Cardiff can be with your selves within 30 minutes providing we have the reverent key in our stock. Dealer ships can take anything up to two weeks of getting your car back on the road. Auto Locksmiths in Cardiff can take as little as 1 hour to get you back on the road and the latest being 2 days if keys are not in stock which is huge a huge difference. 



Locksmiths in Cardiff

James Cardiff Locksmith is currently one of the highest established locksmiths in Cardiff we aim to be with you within 30 minutes from the time of your phone call and have most problems resolved within the hour our team of experts not only deal with emergency locksmith issues but all security issues such as your door not shutting correct or maybe a break-in where the door is damaged and needs a temporary measure to be able to be locked. Call James Your Emergency locksmith now on 07967725135 or email us on jameslamb89@hotmail.co.uk for general enquires please don't hesitate as your problem could be made worse without the help of a professional locksmith,


How To Lock And Unlock Self Locking Latches

James Cardiff Locksmith are forever seeing People Snap their keys in these Mechanisms which Self Lock from the Latch.

Clients of ours are under the belief that as soon as they shut the door that the door is Automatically Locked which Is in fact a complete misimpression and completely as far from the actual truth as possible. The Door is Not Locked From The Latch on these doors. You still have to lock the door.