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Here at James Cardiff Locksmith we deal with all kinds of Emergency Locksmith tasks which we take very seriously. we understand the importance of you needing a emergency locksmith in and instance.  As we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we understand the seriousness of you gaining entry to your premises, belongings or auto mobile as we can open any locked door and we also deal with homes which have been burgled with the kindest care. If James or any of our staff are in the belief that, the Home, Business or Auto Mobile that we are opening is not yours, then we will not unlock the door. Following this Police will be Called upon Immediately via our locksmith which then they will give a full statement, which will then be given to the police of exactly what has happened. 



We are indefinite one of the most demanding locksmith companies in Cardiff. This is purely because we provide a large range of services from any general traditional locksmith does plus a large variety more. This includes being an Emergency locksmith service which deals with cars and automobiles. James your emergency Car locksmith will try to work out your emergency car locksmith situation and give you a good estimated time of arrival. With any Emergency Locksmith enquires we will always do our very best to get to you as quick as possible and resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Like with all enquiries will always prioritise emergency circumstances/jobs over general locksmith work. 


Child Locked In Car Emergency Car Locksmith - What to do 


When children are concerned it is always a concern, Panic and overwhelming experience. If you find that you have locked your child in the car please do not panic. you have a few options;-


  • Phone James, Emergency Car Locksmith in Cardiff 07967725135 / We will give an accurate eta and have a 99% success rate on opening vehicles. Or even if you are Locked out please call us.
  • Call 999 the Emergency Services. They will give information on what to do and what is going to happen.
  • Smash a window. We strongly disagree with this option unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do choose this option please pick a window furthest away from the child and make sure the child is looking in the opposite direction from the window your smashing. 





TIPS FOR DISTRACTION when you have locked your child in the CAR. 

With any situation, it is very important to parents that they're child is happy and consent and it is not uncommon that in this situation that panic kicks in as it is a very stressful situation. While you are waiting for the  Auto / Car Emergency locksmith to arrive every minute can feel like an hour this is really common and the locksmith is doing there best to get to you in the shortest time possible. We recommend you do the following to keep the situation under control.

  • If your child is sleeping leave them be as more than likely they're not worried
  • Stay Calm - The Locksmith is on his Way 
  • Ask a passer by to stay with you if a friend or someone you know isn't with you and your alone as they can help you stay calm 
  • If the window is in direct sunlight put a coat or clothing in the way as inside can get warm rather quickly. 
  • Put the child's favourite cartoon on your smartphone as this will keep them calm, turn the volume right up and rest it on the window until the locksmith arrives. 


If you do wish to use our emergency car locksmith service please call James Locksmith Cardiff on 07967725135. If we are available we will do our very best to get to you as quickly as possible.


Here at your Cardiff Locksmith we treat every case as an individual for whatever work your job may presuppose. We always give clients 100 per cent of our time and always show outstanding work with extreme skill.