Cardiff Locksmith Terms And Conditions

NO Callout Charge - Meaning 

This does not effect jobs for quotes which need a locksmith from James Cardiff Locksmith coming out to give a accurate price / quote but only jobs which require one of our locksmiths to attend an emergency were someone is locked out, orin need of one of our Emergency services.


 Terms And Conditions of - NO Callout Charge

No Callout charge means on the basis of our price quoted we will not put on an additional FEE for being Called out. As many nation wide and some local Locksmith Companies do. 



James Cardiff Locksmith. Quote £100 to open the door on Emergency Job. Total = £100

Other locksmiths with Callout.  Quote £100 + Callout to open the door. Total =  £100 + £65 Callout = £165. As some companies try to make the price of the Callout hidden up until the the invoice is handed over. 


This being said we do not charge Callout as a hidden rate. We do however charge the full amount on all Emergency jobs Were:-

  • The customer cancels on the way to the Emergency Job
  • The customer cancels when we arrive and the key is found
  • The customer cancels and we have left to attend the Emergency Job


At James Cardiff Locksmith our time is precious and very valuable. We do not apprecitate our precious time being wasted.  At James Cardiff Locksmith we find it really annoying people using our highly dedicated Emergency locksmith service as a backup plan.

Example of this would be;- calling one of our dedicated locksmiths out as and emergency and while our locksmith is trying hard to rush to the  emergency in question. The customer decides to only now look for the key and finds it. Now the customer is under the belief that they will not have to pay for the locksmiths time as the locksmith is no longer required. This is certainly not true and incorrect. You the customer will be charged the full amount for wasting our time.



On average it takes us 25 minutes to get to most places in Cardiff

 10 minutes to open the majority of locks Cars and Houses 

25 minutes to get to our next Emergency Job

If you have wasted our time we could had prioritised someone else with there emergency so for this there is a Charge for our time. Just because we state no Callout Charge which means we will not add no hidden charges to our prices.



We ask all people to use our Emergency service only as a real emergency when all options have been taken into resolving the emergency. If you decide to get us to come out to use our emergency locksmith service and then when we are on our way only then decide upon asking in a neighbour for the key to your property. 


James Cardiff Locksmith is not a Government company which does not get any government grants or funding from any government agencies.

James Cardiff Locksmith is a Private Company this is independent. NONE OF OUR LOCKSMITH SERVICES IS FREE. 


We charge on all EMERGENCIES jobs which gets cancelled. As this is wasting our time and the term No Callout is referred to no hidden costs or fess on top of the Emergency locksmith service price.