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Locks Being Changed Is A Must, A Cardiff Locksmith Is Here To Help


If you have recently been burgled or had a theft from your house it is highly recommended that you inform the Police as soon as possible if you already haven't. A small percentage of people believe that there is no need to call the police as they believe there is no chance them ever seeing there belongings ever again as they have been stolen. This is not true as the police hold key information of what is happening in your area and they can do the formal part of asking neighbours and retrieving cctv information if there is some near. You can contact the police on 999 or 112, Cardiff main police station is situated at, Cardiff Bay, James Street, Cardiff, CF10 5EW. 

If you have been burgled and wish to call James Cardiff Locksmith out to do the work necessary to make your home or business safe we will do our very best to be with yourself as quick as we can, what ever time of the day or night and will show you great respect and compassion. If when we arrive the police are there doing there investigation we will wait around until they have finished, for how ever long this may take.


One instance that we see a lot of is people leaving doors unlocked this is like an invitation to burglars to take what they like. The burglar will just pull down the handle to your door and  allow himself or herself to your prized possessions while there friend or accomplish keeps watch on you through your window just incase you are disturbed. On some cheeky occasions we have even heard victims tell us that the perpetrator had the nice ness to close the door behind them which James Cardiff Locksmith finds incredibly upsetting as you were be unaware that your items has even been taken but just thought they have been lost in the house somewhere. You Have A Lock And A Key USE IT.


Never Ask A Stranger For Help

if you find yourself locked out you should never ask a stranger to help you get back in. As example you might state the back window is always open can you please climb through and then you gave the person key information. Or maybe they might have smaller wrists than you to fit them through the letterbox this also gives out key information. If you find your self locked out you should always ring a locksmith near to yourself or you could even ask a friendly face who you know to help out. A bill from a locksmith is a lot cheaper than replacing your most valuable items which are treasured. A locksmiths job is to get you back in when needed as this is there profession not to take advantage of weak security. Here at your local locksmith in Cardiff we also deal with cars and automobiles so if ever the bad experience of yourself having your Car keys stolen we can reprogram and cut a new key so you have a key to start the car and we can then delete the old key from the cars memory so it will no longer work if ever tried to be used. Auto Locksmith Cardiff



Upgrade options to security

  1. British standard lock 3621 if not already installed or SBD (secure by design)
  2. Diamond mark lock for complete security were wishing to have the best
  3. Give flush finishing lock to not allow it to be compromised 
  4. All window should have key locks, if not both floors a must for the ground
  5. No play in doors or windows 
  6. A loose lock is weak lock no matter how good it states it is on the package