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About Your 24-Hour Emergency Locksmiths based in Cardiff

I am an independent locksmith in Cardiff. I have many years of knowledge of locked doors. I cover a wide range of lockouts at all hours of the night and day. I am a general locksmith and very recently updated the entire company to now offer the public of Cardiff a Safe Engineer and Car Key Replacement.
I am available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for all locksmith demands, I also deal with Car Locksmith in Cardiff  I have never charged a call out fee. What makes me the best Locksmith and the one which you should ring is that many Locksmith uses destructive methods I use non-destructive I love the challenge of opening the door where some locksmith uses it as a job. I hold the greatest fascination with locks as I have spent an inconsiderable amount of time learning which ways work the best to open them. I keep my own self taught skills and knowledge rather than just using old passed down skills which are explained on two-day courses—all work guaranteed to a very high standard. I offer free security tips and advice for keeping your home/business safe. I mainly deal with locksmith emergency services as this is generally where a locksmith is needed the most as my phone is never turned off and I am always here to help. As a locksmith having the up to date equipment and tools is a must but giving valuable time to practice opening of locks is a much higher and more significant advantage of being a successful locksmith. This is not something which James Cardiff Locksmith takes for granted as when we are not helping the people of Cardiff with there emergency Lockouts we are at home finding better techniques to open locks and getting more knowledge of new locks coming onto the market which are coming ever so harder to open.



Why Call James Your Locksmith Cardiff

James Locksmith Cardiff is a long fully established locksmith company in the heart of Cardiff. We are the only locksmith in Cardiff that can attend to all 3 locksmith services to the very latest in Technology. 

As we are the only locksmith in Cardiff which can undergo the 3 major factors of locksmithing this means that James is only ever the one locksmith you will ever need. Why would you call 3 separate locksmith if you had ever lost your keys? For instance, a Safe Engineer, Auto Car Locksmith, and a General Locksmith When James your Cardiff Locksmith covers all 3 to the highest degree of Locksmithing. Our Locksmith can open all the major Safes which included Chubb, Bratton Sound, and many more. Our extent of knowledge included picking of many of Safes which have time locks and even Facial glass. Our Locksmiths tool kit includes all the major pick, Endoscopes, and the very up to date listening devices to allow the sound readings on certain safes. 

We have been doing general locksmithing since our company of James Cardiff Locksmith was first established in 2014-2015 we have opened thousands of houses. Changed many locks to a higher standard whichever is preferred. You always are treated with the respect deserved and given the best information about locks for requirements. We are one of a few selected locksmith companies which are able to pick British Standard - Mortice locks and cylinders. Were other Locksmith fail in picking techniques we succeed as we are time served and offer a lot of our time in practicing picking of different locks in unusual circumstances. 

Over time we started to offer the customers of Cardiff an Auto Locksmith Service. This was due to the fact of how many people haveing problems with there car keys. From losing them, Breaking them, and getting them stuck in the car lock. Our Auto locksmith is fully mobile and able to come to your home, work, or even and your desired location for that total Emergency. One service which we can offer is something called EEPROM this is where the locksmith takes out the immobilizer information directly from the Car which really is a specialist service.  


Who will be calling

This is for your safety and security, and to assure you that I'm the one attending that locksmith emergency to open that locked, jammed or broken door James Locksmith Cardiff. If you wish to see ID don't be hesitant to ask as I will always ask to show some identification.  

James Lamb   Carpenter and Locksmith


James Locksmith Cardiff Service -  Area's

As James locksmith Cardiff is located in Cardiff your Locksmiths Cardiff. We mainly only offer our mobile locksmith services in and around Cardiff, Barry, Penarth, Newport, and Surrounding area's, If you wish for one of out many skillful services but you don't feel you are close by or not in our operating area please give us a call as we may be still able to help you and to give you some partial advice on how is best to handle this situation.

After we have completed your job it is guaranteed from James Cardiff Locksmith. We strongly agree that there are rare occasions when we have to do a re-call to work we have completed but on some occasions even brand new locks can fail from poor manufacturing. On these occasions, we will arrange a time and day best suited to come out test the item and make sure it isn't malicious and a general mishap. An example of this would be a woman stating that her lock is not functioning correctly as her ex-boyfriend decided to hit it with a hammer as his key no longer worked as she decided to have her locks changed from a 24hr locksmith in Cardiff. This is deliberate damage and will not be covered by our company. We give a range of guarantee guidelines for different work which our locksmith engineer has carried out:-

  • New Lock fitted - 12 months
  • Adjustment to door, frame or receiver latches on door jamb - 6 months
  • Lock after being opened but starting to fail - 2 weeks
  • Items fitted as additional security - 12 months

All new parts which are fitted hold 12 months guarantee. If a new lock is fitted to an old mechanism from the locksmith only the lock holds the guarantee and not the mechanism.


How James Cardiff Locksmith as grown through years of business. Your trusted locksmith

A perfect scenario would be to look at our emergency Locksmith vehicles which we have increased in size throughout the years of serving Cardiff with a fully functional Locksmith Company.

  • In 2015 we had started James Cardiff Locksmith With a short/small Citroen Berlingo. This little van was a great start for the Company.

  • In 2017 we had no option but to upgrade our vehicle from a small van to a medium-sized van. Were we purchased a Citroen Dispatch. We thought this vehicle was a great investment to our Locksmith business in Cardiff. As the work for our business had grown we had to hold more stock and we had outgrown our small vehicle. 

  • In 2019 James was getting a few more calls to provide the service of EEPROM which we needed a lot more comfortable space to provide this service. We decided to upgrade our vehicle so we then could have more working space within the vehicle. 

We offer a service for all Warrant Work were professionals need to enter properties. We are able to suit times and days which are available for the Locksmith and the professional for Warrant work. 90% of calls for locksmith Warrant jobs we are successful to open and lock the door and mechanism without no damage to the lock which will not require a new lock fitted. 

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Other Services Your Emergency Locksmith James Provides

James, your emergency 24-hour locksmith in Cardiff, provides a range of services for the general public of Cardiff and businesses Don't just class our Growing company as only a 24-hour locksmith service. We also offer a 24-hour welding and glazing service. We mainly deal with Emergency contract work as we like to be the company that helps out in anybody's unfortunate time of need. We even deal when you have locked your child in your Car. We are the only company in Cardiff that provide an Emergency 24 hour around the clock which will be able to weld. This mainly will be directed to business or building sites for this work. As the general public doesn't usually have steel doors that require sticking back together in an emergency after been forced or vandalized from a burglary. Our 24-hour emergency Welding service is also available for the public of Cardiff for instances where someone has cut open railings around there windows for example or have put a temporary steel door over there wooden front door, and the tenant has gone on holiday which someone decided to cut through this which is where our 24-hour emergency welding service would be in need of. James

James Cardiff Locksmith vehicle