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We have picked open many different locks with our expert knowledge of lock opening. From high quality mortice locks to the top euro cylinders but on occasions even the least secure locks can cause us a bit of bother which is very frustrating. The police give a marker to locks which they believe are secure this is called SBD which stands for Secure By Design which are undergone many hours of tests from specialist to give them this award. These locks are of top security and they run into many different categories from being the least secure to the best secure. Our Cardiff Locksmith service is familiar with many of these locks and can open many of them with a non-destructive method of entry. We would hope that all locks we open are Secure By Design as these locks are not so vulnerable to attacks off thief and they give you the best defence against being burgled and broken in to. Our Locksmiths can now open the new Thatch-man approved Slam Locks. Which Currently we are the Only Locksmiths within the Cardiff Area which are able to Open these Locks Non-Destructively. 

Our Lock Opening service from James Cardiff Locksmith is all mobile emergency Locksmiths Cardiff service. We come right to your door to do what ever lock you require opening. We serve Cardiff a Lock opening service all day and all night, here at James Cardiff Locksmith. When we Come out to yourselves we will access the situation and see which method to open the lock would be best. We are able to pick a vast amount of locks within specific times but picking alone is only one of many different methods we might use to unlock your door. If you would only like us to open the door from picking it we should be able to do this within roughly 20 minutes but on some occasions this can take a little longer dependent on circumstances such as:-

  • Lock is of top Security 
  • Keyway is very narrow
  • lock is ceased up 
  • Object restricting the view of the lock 
  • It is very dark as it is nighttime
  • We are unfamiliar with the lock due to new lock or from another country

Lock Opening CardiffIf for some reason one of the above is affecting us from picking the lock we will discuss with your selves that another method to open the lock might be best. We always aim to use non destructive methods of entry before even attempting to damage the lock this is because we are a professional locksmith company we understand there are many companies around Cardiff who practice Locksmith who like to use destructive methods of entry on some occasions this can be slightly quicker and easier for the locksmith to open the locked door as there is no unique skill involved other than the knowledge of the lock. Using a non destructive method of locksmithing entry enables us to be quicker to deal  with your lock job as we don't have to supply you with a new lock which keeps the cost down to you and you can also get rid of us quicker especially if it is late in the night as we don't have to spend additional time fitting you a new lock. If for some reason you phone us for one of our Cardiff locksmith services and wish to have a new lock for what ever circumstance as you have lost your keys but think you have relevantly lost them close to your home we still aim to open your door with a non destructive method of entry before even attempting to use destructive locksmithing methods as on occasions you can further damage the mechanism which will then cost you more as you are not just paying for a new lock but further more paying for a damaged mechanism which holds the lock in its correct place. A good locksmith always attempts to use non destructive methods first and uses destructive methods of locksmithing as a last resort and only when absolutely necessary. 

As a non-destructive 24hr Emergency Locksmith in Cardiff we are able to open of the toughest of locks using methods which are of non destruction. on many occasions this can be far quicker for us to gain entry to your home or premises. We work closely to locksmith who also operate in the community this lets you know that you are in safe hands as on occasions there can be times were we haven't come across a pacific lock problem which over friendly locksmiths may have and answer to which saves the cost down to yourselves as a whole new replacement lock wasn't needed. 

I provide a service to the people of Cardiff on lockouts i find that on occasions  whether i open the door in 2 mins or 2 hours some people are never happy i have learnt this much already.


WE Specialise in Car Locksmith Cardiff and Emergncy Locksmith Cardiff


Opening Of Filling Cabinets


One Callout as a locksmith which i never thought i would ever be faced with would be of the opening of filing cabinets. Now having callouts andFile Cabinets Opening  emergency callouts for these locks now never seems to amaze me. We can treat the opening of these locks as an emergency as in the past we have attended many law firms which had needed documents from inside for court within a a couple of hours. When you phone James Cardiff Locksmith please let us know of your circumstances as we are not aware and could just offer an appointment to come and unlock the Cabinet. When we come out to open the Cabinet dependent on lock and model we are some times able to make a key the same day or within a few days. Some Occasions we are no always successful of this as the lock could have been discontinued and parts are no longer available. In this instance we will arrange a time best suited for yourself to come back and fit a new lock with new keys. We understand that the main cause of concern was to have the cabinet opened with out any damage to the property and belongings inside. James Cardiff Locksmith understands that opening of Filing Cabinets can be an emergency locksmith service and will do our best to be with yourselves as quick as possible if this is an instance which you find yourself in. We can be at many destinations in Cardiff within 30 minutes and many surrounding areas such as The VALE OF Glamorgan and NEWPORT within the Hour.


Awkward Locks Can Take Longer To Open

If James Cardiff Locksmith are the locksmiths dealing with your lockout and are taking longer than expected to unlock your door. We apologise for this  and hope to get you in as quick as possible but please be patient as we are trying our best but we get awkward locks now and again which don't like to open for us.  


Here at your Cardiff Locksmith we treat every case as an individual for what ever work your job may presuppose. We always give clients 100 percent of our time and always show outstanding work with extreme skill

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